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Not sure if this is the best plan for you?

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How do all these products work?
  • Acci-7 is a product offered by iA which has 5 different coverages with varying units that you can pick and choose from to match your needs. Each coverage has its own unique benefits and administration. You can learn more about them here.
What is covered under this policy?
  • Each coverage has its own events and accidents that are covered. However, climbing, backcountry skiing, and other extreme sports are covered under every coverage.
What’s included with this policy?
  • Monthly benefits to cover a period of disability (Disability in case of accident)
  • A lump-sum tax-free benefit that will be paid to your loved ones in that event you pass away from an accident (AD&D)
  • A lump-sum amount in case of fracture (Accidental Fracture)
  • An amount of money to cover medical expenses following an accident (Extended medical care)
  • Benefits paid for each day of hospitalization (Hospital Benefits)
What isn’t covered under this policy?
  • Depending on which coverage you select, there is a varying number of exclusions including suicide, injury’s sustained during a riot, participation in any sport for compensation, operation of a motor vehicle while impaired, and others. Read here for full contract details.
  • Rock climbing, Ice climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and all other extreme sports ARE covered. Read here for full contract details
Is this different from other accident insurance?
  • This type of insurance is called non-integrated accident insurance. That means that this will pay in addition to any other type of insurance you already have including group benefits from your employer, or provincial benefits.
Who qualifies for this type of insurance?
  • All employed (or unemployed) individuals up to age 74
  • Any person living in Canada for at least 12 months and covered under a provincial health plan
  • Any person who does not have a permanent physical or intellectual disability, or who is not disabled at time of application
Can I get more disability insurance?
  • Unfortunately not, $1,400 is the maximum disability insurance we offer. However, we believe something is better than nothing and this is one of the few disability plans offered in Canada that does NOT have extreme sports as an exclusion.
Does this insurance require a medical exam?
  • No medical exam is required.
How long does it take to be approved?
  • You can be approved (almost) instantly.
Can I cancel my policy?
  • Absolutely, you can cancel whenever you like.

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