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We are here to simplify the process. Get your quote in seconds, apply online in minutes, and tick this off your to-do list once and for all!

Applying for life insurance can be confusing. We made it simple, easy and obligation free.

Get an instant no-obligation quote
Answer a few questions to get a personalized recommendation from us or skip the recommendation and get the quote in seconds.
Apply online in less than 20 minutes
Choose your preferred term length and coverage amount. You will have a chance to confirm all your details upon signing the application.
Wait to be approved
Approval times vary but are usually very fast! (A week or two)
Accept your life insurance
Congratulations, you’re covered! You can download your E-policy and get on with your life!
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“Affinity Life was built to put the control back in the hands of the consumer. Learn, shop, compare and apply 100% online for life insurance without the curtains and aggressive sales tactics”

Philip Setter, Affinity Life CEO

Our Pledge

For every policy sold we donate a portion of the profits to mountain rescue teams
and the Mountain Muskox.

Proudly canadian

By Canadians for Canadians.

We’re on a mission to put knowledge, education, and power back into the hands of the consumer. We’re setting out to finally revolutionize and innovate on an industry that hasn’t seen a significant change in the last 100 years. We hope you can join us on our journey.

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Term life insurance that is affordable and simple

Traditional life insurance with rates that never increase. Guaranteed renewability and convertibility if your health declines. Grace period for missed payments.

  • Coverage up to $5M
  • Term 10, 20, 30 available
  • Include your spouse and apply together
  • Multiple companies shopped for best rates
  • 20 minute application proesss – it’s that easy!

Our customers share our passion

Here when you need us, out of your way when you don't

Why Affinity Life?

Affinity Life

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Learn, compare and apply without high pressure sales

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Get your quote instantly without unnecessary meetings

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Apply online within 20 minutes or less

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Live advisor support when you need it

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Commission free advisors to speak with

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No unnecessary upselling or complicated products

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Life insurance to protect your family

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All your questions answered

We want to make sure you understand exactly what you are purchasing. Ask us anything that’s on your mind.

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Something that we didn’t answer?

Schedule a call with us or email us anytime. We’re here to help answer your questions!


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Life insurance for the busy Canadian

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