Do I need life insurance?

In a world of gimmicks and salesmen trying to take your money at every turn, it can be difficult to figure out if you need life insurance and exactly what type you need.

Let’s boil it down to one simple question you can ask yourself:

” If I died tomorrow would there be people that depended on me put into a position where life became more financially difficult for them?

If you have parents, children, or a partner that relies on you then the answer to this question is probably “Yes”. 

If you’re a single bachelor (or bachelorette) without any responsibilities and no one depending on you then the answer to that question is probably ” No“.

Obviously, there are exceptions to this but in generality, this seems to be true for most people.

If you’re unsure if you need life insurance, take our Recommendation Quiz and find out within 3 minutes if you need it or not.

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