Step 5: Submitting Your Application

Further information call

Congratulations! You have done the hard part and have submitted your online application, now what is next?!

Depending on the answers you have provided throughout the online application, we may require a quick phone call to gather further information. You will be notified at the end of the application if we require a phone call or if no further information is required. 

Fear not, we do not bite!

Verifying information and online signature

You will get a chance to review all the information you provided and ensure no mistakes were made or no information was unintentionally missed. 

An email will be sent to you directly from whichever insurance company you chose to apply through with a copy of your answers and the application agreement. 

This agreement can be signed through your phone or on your computer!

Underwriting process

Once you sign the agreement and the insurance company has all your details then they will start to underwrite your policy.

Depending on which company you chose this could be done in a matter of minutes or could take a few weeks. 

Don’t worry, the hard work is done! Sit back and relax, you will receive an answer soon.

Medical exam

Let us be honest, none of us enjoy needles and medical exams. 

There is a very good chance that NO medical exam will be required

However, it may be required in some instances. Don’t’ stress!

If a medical exam is required, you will be notified, and a nurse will come to your home to take all necessary tests. We will send you an email on how to best prepare for it to ensure that the results come back as positive as they can possibly be.If you are absolutely against medical exams and do not mind paying a slighter higher price don’t forget CPP has a guaranteed no medical product.  Simply choose CPP as the carrier of choice when you apply to take advantage of this feature.

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